Sunday, May 07, 2006

the power of the thong

The other day there was a near riot at work when a woman visited the office. What made this woman so special? Well..she sat down and when she did you could see her thong underwear and half her fact you could see almost all her buttocks. Every guy in the office was suddenly walking by her to take a look. She must have noticed something was happening ("why is every guy walking by me? why do I feel a cold air draft on my ass?"), but she simply continued talking as if nothing was happening.
Which made for a pretty amazing situation. Adult men acting like naughty little kids trying to get a glimpse of an ass. All of them stopping work to do talk about the woman and calling others in the office to tell them to check the woman out.
Which brings me to the idea of the amazing power women have over men. Call it the power of the ass. They provide one glimpse of their body and men all go crazy, irational, almost stupid. In a situation like that a woman can ask anything and men will oblige. We are powerless. We are not in control of our lives. We are women's puppets. We succumb to the power of the thong.


nanel said...

hahahahahaha, yo fui uno de los que me di la chequeaita. (pase dos veces!!!!)

liliana said...

y quien es esta chica???? quien le tomo la foto??? (o es stock?).

dios, de hecho, el impacto no hubiese sido el mismo si andaba con calzones hasta la cintura de nylon beige con la blusa metida por dentro....por eso comprar ropa interior linda es toda una inversion (power, power, power!!!)

justmeguy said...

la foto es de Google pensarias que me iba a parar detras de una chica y tomarle secretamente una foto de su g-string???? ok..mejor no contestes...;-)