Saturday, June 23, 2007

Remembering Mr. Softee

It was 4pm, I was watching Pacheco on tv and looking forward to the Three Stooges. When it all was interrupted by the sounds of the Mister Softee truck. And suddenly time would stand still. I had to stop the truck and get an ice cream cone. I felt such an amazing mix of happiness and anticipation. Get the fifty cents!!!! Call out the truck so it would not go away. Then my mother would give the money and I would run down the stairs as if the fate of the whole world depended on it. I don't think I ever feel that exhilaration again. Yes, I was going to get my Mr. Softee cone. Life was good. Everything was right. True happiness achieved.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My day at the Parada

One week before leaving for a few days vacation in New York I learned that my visit would coincide with the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. So I found myself last Sunday in the midst of it. My observations

1. I had no idea so many people attended it. Midtown Manhattan was swarmed with paradegoers.Forget about going to the MOMA.

2. I saw way too many alcaldes and batuteras from Puerto Rico there. In the tough times we are in, why on earth are they there?

3. I heard very little Spanish.

4. Which brings me to Latino women and a sexist statement. The idea that Puerto Rican women are sexy does not apply to the ones attending the parade. I don't think I saw one good looking woman there. And there must have been half a million attending. Then again, maybe they were not around 44th street.

5. Finally, I got the sense that Puerto Ricans living in New York are the biggest outcasts in the city. From the weird glances they received from whites, asians, hindus, arabs and even some Afro-Americans, I got the sense that they are considered as "odd people out". There was a sense that they don't belong there. The glances they were getting would scream "Oh, God. Here they come."

Anyway, there is only so much parade one can take. So when my Peruvian friend called me, we decided to escape the parade and go to the Village.Where we saw some great shops, listened to people playing jazz and doo-wop in the park and ate tapas. I hate saying this, but I felt much more at home there.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sinfonica plays The Beatles

Last night I went to the Sinfonica de Puerto Rico's Beatles concert. And it was a wonderful night. There were people there from all ages. All sharing the magic of the greatest pop music of the 2oth century. As the orchestra played everything from "Michelle" to "Here, There and Everywhere", one realizes the amazing melodic genius that the group possesed. There was a moment when they played "Penny Lane" where I got goosebumps and my eyes got watery. There is such power in that music. And the fact that a symphonic orchestra can play it shows that at their prime Paul, John and George were up there with the great musical geniuses of all time.


I am a few days away from taking a week off. And I need it so badly. It seems everything is telling me I need a break. I am tired, unfocused and I need to see something different for a few days.