Friday, May 23, 2008


Estoy tan fuera de practica con esto de viajar. Llevo varios dias para aqui y para alla, pensando en cosas que debo llevar. Travel light, dammit. Si, pero y el I pod..y la camara,,,,y todos sus cables? Travel light.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

words and the past

I found some papers that I wrote 18 years ago. I had written them during a week at Club Med Cancun. I became sick during my stay there and had to stay a couple of days in my room. So I decided to write a short story, with a big element of autobiography in it. Well, let's just say I changed a few names here and there.

So today I began to read those 15 hand written pages again. They were full of "life is not fair" statements. Of self pity. Of expecting so much from life. It was interesting to note that I used to think like that. It was pretty awful writing, overall.

But it did feature a couple of paragraphs describing moments I had forgotten about. Small, joyful moments. Words spoken. Smiles exchanged. Two very good paragraphs that reminded me of days long past.

For a moment I thought whether to keep those papers or simply throw them away. It was tempting to simply say, "Forget it", that was the past.

They are still there in my drawer. Maybe I'll read them again in 20 years.

these days

My poor blog. Abandoned and forgotten. Its writer too tired after a day of work to write again. Well, I'm unemployed now so I have time. There days I've been so busy preparing for my three week trip that I haven't seen any movies on DVD. My Netflix movies lay there, forgotten too. These are days for zapping, watching Cubs games and listening to music. That's it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ayer estuve hablando con una amiga, analizando donde estoy. Pues, estoy en un buen lugar. Pronto un viaje y luego a ver que hago. Hacer mis trajetas, hacer mis llamadas y comenzar de nuevo. Pero cuanto me tire de nuevo al ruedo , no lo sé. Quizás sólo un poco. El tiempo dirá. Por ahora es pensar en comprar el convertidor de electricidad y ya. Ver cine. Ver a amigos. Y seguir.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

unemployed diary

Yesterday I sat down at Starbucks to have a cup of coffee and browse the Net. It was a quiet moment. Somehow time went by slowly. I began to breathe normally. To feel at ease. I realized how badly I needed a break. It doesn't mean I am happy they fired me. I'm not. I would have preferred to have taken a few days off and then gone back to work. But it wasn't to be. I will miss all the fun of the place. The being there with people I really liked.
Anyway, at noon I was able to have lunch with a few of them. Which means that I may not be losing them after all.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

losing my job

I lost my job yesterday. It was the usual thing. They call you over. They tell you the agency has lost too many accounts and that they have to let you go. after five years of hard work, of loyalty, of never taking fake sick days, of being there nights and weekends, well, nothing of that matters. You are a person wearing a salary on your forehead. And they want to save that money. That's it. Never forget that's all you are.