Friday, January 13, 2006

More Puerto Rico sci-fi

This seems to be the month for 1960's Puerto Rican horror movies on DVD. These three are from famous B movie director Roger Corman. He came to Puerto Rico to take advantage of some tax breaks and shot these three movies in a couple of months. In the only one I have seen "The Last Woman on Earth" , the last three survivors in the world after "oxygen dissapears from earth for few hours". They were scuba diving, so they survived. So they take refuge in the Caribe Hilton to decide what to do. They fight, they argue and, well,,,nothing much happens. It was written by the guy who would later pen "Chinatown". The other two movies on the set are "Battle of Blood Island", a WWII movie!!!! and "Creature from the Haunted Sea".They are sold as a set.

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