Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cat Stevens-Teaser and the Firecat

There are old music albums that one used to listen to that seem kind of silly now. But there are others that acquire new meanings as the years go by. And this is one of them.
It contains some of the greatest songs of the 1970's in one place. I love "The Wind", a gorgeous song that Cameron Crowe used in "Almost Famous", then there's "Rubylove", an upbeat love song. Then "If I Laugh", one of the most heartbreaking songs ever. It's about unrequited love and it's amazing. And then he gives you a second song about the topic "How Can I Tell You", another haunting love song. "Morning Has Broken", "Peace Train" are also here. In an age where "Gasolina" passes for great lyrics and musical craftsmanship, listen to someone who wrote some of the most heartfelt lyrics and great melodies.


liliana said...

voy a limewire ya!!!!, hay una manera de poner el link de las canciones pero no se muy bien como....seria bacan que pusieras por lo menos una asi me das una idea...pero igual ya las copie para bajarlas!

justmeguy said...

Hay un momento en "If I Laugh" donde se le quebranta un poco la voz de la emociĆ³n. Es uno de mis momentos musicales favoritos.