Thursday, January 05, 2006


I was noticing that all the movie theaters I used to attend as a kid have disappeared (except for the Metro).
This was the Cinerama, a theater with an amazing screen that seemed to surround you. I used to see all the epic films there, from "Reds' to " Earthquake" (in sensurround!!!) and many others. It is also the place the place where I saw the coolest movie promo ever....for the movie "Finishing School" a terrible Spanish horror movie, they gave out Excedrin capsules to everyone entering the theater!!! The Cinerama closed down in the early 1980's, one of the first Santurce theaters that disapeared when Plaza became THE place to watch movies. Too bad. It is a carpet store now. I have never visited the carpet store, but one day I will to see if there's anything left from the old Cinerama.

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Bohemia6 said...

OH MY GOD!! where did you found that picture??? I will always remember that movie theater because I saw E.T. there. Now it´s a carpet store (sigh)