Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hooked on VH1 Classics

In order to turn me more into a couch potato, our local cable system has
introduced VH1 Classics to the digital lineup.
Now I'm tuning in to see 80's videos
and cool music from the 70's and 60's.
See Kaja goo goo!
See Men Without Hats!!!
See John Lennon walking around Central Park!
Debbie Gibson asking you to "Shake Your Love"!!
Fuck, there's that German woman singing "99 balloons"!!! (a peace song using balloons as a symbol!!! try topping that!!!)
I can't keep my eyes off this!!!!
Someone help me!!!!!!!

1 comment:

liliana said...

a mala hora lei este post...yo que me quede en los 80s....y encima me gusta el disco y la muscia de woodstock ('69 por supuesto)...