Friday, September 28, 2012

Internet-free weekends

I am doing internet-free weekends. Why? Well, it started as an experiment, a way of getting away from all the "connectiveness" of social media, something that can grow into an obsession. But, as I go into another weekend, it has become something very cool. Now instead of wasting away hours looking at You Tube or Facebook, I do other things. Things that make me enjoy the here and now. I read books and magazines, something I have loved doing all my life. I see movies, and enjoy them without wanting to know what IMDB says about the movie. I take walks, something that is always good. During those walks I take my camera along and take photos of interesting things I notice along the way. I listen to music, to the old songs I love so much. I may call a friend for dinner, and have a great conversation and a glass of wine.

So here I head into another weekend. And I'm looking forward to it so much.

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