Friday, March 25, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor movies

Up to yesterday I had seen two Elizabeth Taylor movies in my whole life. I really can't explain why, maybe because I didn't find her an exciting actress. Maybe because there was something old fashioned about her look and her movies. When I was a kid I saw one of her minor 1970's movies called "Night Watch", a pretty nifty thriller with a twist that seemed surprising at the time.

A year ago, I saw "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on DVD, from a Taylor DVD set I had given my mother a while back. It was a really good movie. And I can imagine how scandalous it must have been for its time, in spite the fact the homosexual aspect of it was truly low key. Still, it was plain it was there. She was excellent in it and she was obviously at her most alluring and beautiful.

Last night, I got another movie from that set called "Butterfield 8, in which she plays a call girl who falls for one of her clients. It is truly over the top movie, every character was completely unbelievable. It seemed like one of those telenovelas one sees on Hispanic TV. But one can enjoy it simply because of Taylor's presence. I saw the movie on a 42" set, but I can imagine how hypnotizing she must have been on a giant movie theater screen. Maybe that was her the reason for her success. Those eyes on Cinemascope on dark movie theater.It must have been something.

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