Friday, March 18, 2011

Miami thoughts

This weekend I am making my annual Miami weekend getaway. I used to go more often a few years back. I guess, being younger, I found the whole Miami sexy scene really attractive. Now I tend to visit cities that offer a wider array of things to do. But I still love Miami. I love sitting at a cafe in Ocean Drive and watch the women go by. I love the fact that I can enjoy the Latin culture while still enjoying the relative discipline of a US city. I enjoy the fact that you get to meet people from all over the world there.

I do not agree with people who say Miami lacks culture. Go to the Miami Herald and you get more classical concerts, pop concerts than you get here in San Juan. Miami just opened an 600 million dollar Opera House and is the home of the New World Orchestra. You get Broadway plays, Art Basil and so many art happenings.

I think Puerto Ricans who say bad things about Miami may be expressing a slight envy of how things work there. They don't like the fact that "Lo Mejor de Dos Mundos"is not Puerto Rico. It is actually a city in a US state. Sorry to spoil the party.

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