Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my day at a nude beach

A couple of Sundays back I met with a friend from NYC at Haulover Beach, a nude beach in North Miami. I have not visited a nude beach in maybe 20 years, so I figured it would be a cool experience.

So Sunday at 1pm, I arrived at Haulover. First thing I noticed was this was not the secluded nude beaches I had visited in St.Martin. There were thousands of people there. Wall to wall nudity. Mostly male, unfortunately. Although there were some women. I guess it was 70-30 men-women ratio.

I said hello to my friend and met her friend who was there with her beautiful baby. They were being slightly annoyed by a tanned, nude middle aged guy talking to her. Luckily, he realized he was not welcome and went away.

I must say, it felt really cool being there. Like they say, it is the least sexual experience you can have. All these people nude. young,old, good looking, bad looking, make it a wonderfully normal experience. Nobody seems to be checking other people. It is so wonderfully civilized.

Yes, I did take everything off and went skinny dipping with my friend. And again, it was such a non-sexual experience The setting and the feeling at the beach make it such an innocent, cool thing. So we're nude! And it is great! I felt like a little kid who is allowed to run naked everywhere.

Summing up. Beaches with people in swimsuits are sexual. They are a tease and completely completely based on voyeurism. Nude beaches are not. They are simply fun.

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Felicity said...

Very true about textile beaches being more sexual than the nude beaches! Some bathing suits might as well be called lingerie with what they accentuate, ie. breasts, butt, etc. Nice post about Haulover :)