Thursday, March 17, 2011

Michael Gough RIP

It's interesting seeing today's obituaries for actor Michael Gough. They all emphasize he was Alfred the Butler in Batman movies. In a way, those will probably be the movies he'll be remembered for. But to my generation, he was a great villain in some outlandish horror movies. I remember him in many movies I saw as a child on tv, "Berserk!"and "Horrors of the Black Museum". And I'll never forget the night I went to see "Horror Hospital"with my parents at the Cinerama in Santurce. It was a truly over the top movie, full of violence, nudity. But it was Gough who stole the show as the most insane of mad villains. A couple of years ago, it finally came out on DVD and I was able to appreciate the sheer insanity of his portrayal. So, let younger audiences remember him as Alfred, to me, he'll always be the loony guy from "Horror Hospital".

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