Wednesday, November 26, 2014

things to be thankful for

Today I decided to look at some of my posts from 2006. Eight years ago! At that time I used to post something here every day. Not just about movies, but about daily life. It made me remember things and events I had forgotten completely. It was quite a nostalgic trip.

I saw that for Thanksgiving I had posted about 10 pop culture things I was thankful for. Just for the hell of it, I am doing it again. r.

1. Listening to Penny Lane and realizing how it makes me instantly happier.
2. Discovering an old movie on TCM.
3. Going twice a year to the Metro theater in Santurce and feeling like I did in my childhood. It is still a thrill to see a good movie there.
4. Seeing the Video Watchdog envelope in my mailbox.
5. Opening a book.
6. Photography articles on Zite.
7. old horror movies late at night.
8. Listening to long forgotten songs on YouTube
9. Visiting museums in NYC.
10. Going into bookstores.

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