Sunday, January 05, 2014

the wonders of "The Hypnotic Eye"

Contrary to popular belief there are very few "so bad it's good" movies. Most bad B movies are dull, unbearable and can only be watched if the get the MST3K treatment. Yesterday I saw one of the rare examples of an incredibly bad movie that is also absolutely entertaining and fun.

"The Hypnotic Eye" tells the strange story of a series of weird events: women mutilating themselves in bizarre ways: using acid as facial cleanser is just one of them. Curiously none of them recall why they did that. Could it be the work of a Hypnotist? Give the case to two of the dumbest police detectives in movie history and you have a real classic.

I won't spoil things by telling you more. Just go ahead and see it. It is available on DVD through Warner Archive and can also be bought via Amazon.

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