Saturday, November 16, 2013

King of Marvin Gardens

Jack Nicholson became such an icon with his "One Flew.." crazy guy persona that we have forgotten that there wasa time when he was a fine, low-key actor. In fact, a great actor. Today I saw a movie from 1972 that shows how amazing he could be. It's "King of Marvin Gardens", director by Bob Rafelson. One of those movies from the 70's that were based on characters and not on high scale action. In it Nicholson plays a talk radio host dealing with the grand schemes of his brother (Bruce Dern). The acting is excellent. Ellen Burstyn has another award worthy performance and there is in the movie a really interesting actress, Julia Ann Robinson, who unfortunately died in a fire a year after the film's release.

Check this movie out. And see how good Jack Nicholson before he became lazy.

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