Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Night Live

I had not seen an episode of "Saturday Night Live" for years, maybe over 15 years. I remember when it was the hippest thing on tv. When I was in graduate school, people would talk about that Saturday's skits and music. It is really interesting to see it has survived.

This week there was a lot of buzz online about the upcoming SNL episode because Lady Gaga was both musical guest and guest performer. So I watched. And I have absolutely no clue as to why this show is still on tv. I've never seen such an unfunny, less clever or funny group of people. There was not a single even remotely funny joke or situation. It was desperate and just plain awful.

I felt sorry for Lady Gaga. She really gave it her best. And she does have a flair for comedy, but there was little she could do when she was fed such bad lines and bad jokes. Actually the only good parts of the show were the ones in which she was performing. She is a great performer and has a knack for creating catchy pop songs. Thank goodness for that because the rest of SNL was just pathetic.

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