Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I finally saw the movie "Fitzcarraldo". For some strange reason I had not seeing this movie by Werner Herzog. Well, maybe I know the reason. It was because I did not want to invest two and a half hours in it.

But then I saw the documentary "Burden of Dreams", a behind the scenes on the making of this film, on TCM a few weeks ago and was fascinated by the whole production of this movie. The setbacks, the whole madness of the idea of filming a movie deep in the Amazon jungle. At one point the main actor literally wants to kill the director. After watching this unique documentary, I needed to see "Fitzacarraldo".

And I was surprised by it. It was odd, maddening, but fascinating. Klaus Kinski is perfect in the title role as a man who wants to create an Opera House deep in the jungle and sets out to accomplish that. The ending, without spoiling anything, is strangely moving and sweet. One could see Spielberg doing an ending like it.

I waited a long time to see it. But I'm glad I finally did.

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