Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Confessions of a Military Channel fan

I think I've seen every documentary on the Military Channel. Yes, I have. As a History major, I must admit I love that cable station. Particularly their documentaries on both World Wars. "World at War" is always an amazing one to see, not only does it contain extensive footage, but at the time it was made (early 1970's), many of the participants were still alive and were able to talk to camera. The narration by Laurence Olivier is simply perfect. I do recall seeing this documentary as a child in a local Spanish language station. I feel in love with History there and then.

But this channel also covers little know facts. The small things that made a big difference. The spy game. The decisions that were a gamble, but that paid off. There are some kooky docs too. There is one about the role of astrology in the decisions made by the Germans that offer really little real evidence. Still, one is fascinated by it.

The channel also has documentaries covering later wars, such as Vietnam and the Gulf War. But I don't really watch them. I guess because those wars made little sense. World War 2 was a conflict in which the lines between good and evil were pretty well defined. A war in which a victory by the Axis would have had even more catastrophic results for humanity.

I keep hoping I will turn on the tv and see some new documentary. But alas, none appears. But, I just noticed that Netflix Instant has ones I haven't seen. Well, I leave you guys,

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