Sunday, September 14, 2008

When cool chicks ruled the earth

A month ago one of my childhood's favorite movies finally arrived on DVD. It's "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth". I remember reading about the movie on Famous Monsters magazine and seeing the photos of the cool dinosaurs and the incredibly beautiful Victoria Vetri. I could not wait to see the movie. Unfortunately in those days, movies took about six months after their US premiere to get to local theaters. So I waited patiently.

Until finally I saw the poster on the Puerto Rico movies theater in Santurce. And it was more than a poster, it was a huge cutout showing amazing Ms, Vetri and the dinosaurs. That first weekend it played, I was there with a couple of friends. And I loved the movie. I think I probably saw it again at a double feature.

Seeing it again, I can understand why I liked it so much. The effects are very good for its time. The movie was fun and fast paced. But I also see that part of the appeal was watching Victoria Vetri. I was 9 years old and discovering the beauty and appeal of women. So, in a way, she was my first movie crush. Yes, that was it. And looking at her so many years later, I must admit I had pretty good taste.

This movie is shown for the first time in its original, uncut version featuring some nudity. A nice extra that the 9 year old who saw it at the Puerto Rico theater would have loved.

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