Monday, September 01, 2008

a 10 year old again

One of the wonders of the DVD era is that once again one can enjoy the movies one saw as a boy. And with my new LCD I can see them even better than I did when I saw them on the local movie house. Which takes me to one of my favorite movies as a child.

I saw "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" at the old Cortes I theater in Miramar back in 1970 in a double feature. I remember being blown away by it. I may have even seeing it twice. And now I can see why. This was way back when the Space Age was at its peak. The Apollo 11 had just landed on the moon. And boys everywhere were obsessed with anything dealing with space. Then this movie comes along full of cool gadgets, showing how life could be a century from 1970, although people dressed in cool 1960's clothes.

The plot is this. An astronaut travels to a just discovered planet on the far side of the sun. But when he gets there he finds out the planet is a mirror image of the sun. Which means that when gets there, to him watches work the other way around. He is completely disoriented because everything is a mirror image. It's a pretty cool concept.

I loved seeing this movie again in my big LCD. The colors are cool, the gadgets are pretty silly now, but still...this is a pretty interesting movie. Especially if you spend an afternoon at the Cortes 38 years ago.

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