Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A taste of happiness

As summer of 2008 fades into history, I am re-reading a book about the wonders of that season. It's "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury. The author is best know for his sci-fi classics such as "The Martian Chronicles" and "Fahrenheit 451 (not so much fiction anymore in this world of Sarah Palin and her library censorship ways).

But this book is different. It is a summer tale full of whim and magic. It takes place in the summer of 1927 in a small town in the United States. We meet different characters and many small things happen. Small things that show us that what is significant in life is not the big moments, but the small ones. In this book happiness is anywhere, even in the simple joy of drinking a glass of dandelion wine.

Reading this book, one enters a world of good, decent people. A place of magic. But it is magic far different from the one in Garcia Marquez's world. This is a place one would love to visit. Because it reminds one that sometimes people can be good. That good things can happen. That sometimes all one needs to be happy is a bit of refreshing, sweet dandelion wine.

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