Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Passenger

The Girl: People disappear every day.
David Locke: Every time they leave the room.

This movie, made in 1973, and released again this year, takes you to a diferent era in movies. To a time when movies tried to be challenging. When movies were not based on focus groups full of 15 year old boys. When movies provided no easy answers, or comforting escapism. This is the early 1970's and movies were out to surprise you. So here we have Antonioni's "The Passsenger". Antonioni was a favorite of intellectuals and college students who would enjoy his particular brand of obscure cinema.
In this movie Jack Nicholson plays a journalist in Africa. His neighbor at the hotel where he's staying dies and he decides to assume that man's identity. Something which gets him involved in dangerous situations. He also meets a woman (Maria Schneider from "Last Tango in Paris") and they try to run away from various people. The film is truly interesting and it features a knockout, 7 minute continuous shot at the end.
The film also has some truly unforgettable images. And it takes its time to develop. There will never be "The Passenger: The Video Game".

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