Tuesday, April 03, 2012

a couple of movies I've seen these days

Everyone knows F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu. It is one of those iconic silent films even non-movie fans have seen. But he also made some other classic silents. And "Sunrise" is considered my many to be his best movie. A movie about love and redemption, this movie has visuals that are still amazing to see today. His use of super imposed images to make a point is truly brilliant. And the story is very involving. One really roots for everything to work out in the end. A wonderful movie.

A man and a woman are having an relationship with the same man. None of them is really satisfied with the arrangement, but they go on. This movies asks the question, "Is it better to have a flawed relationship or no relationship?" Is "something" better than nothing? This is the kind of movie that seems better a couple of days afterward than when one is watching it. It has great performances by Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson. But these are characters so flawed, so full of pain, it is sometimes difficult to watch them go through their problems. Still, a classic movie from the early 1970's.

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