Monday, March 16, 2009

two movies

Once again I have been off this blog. But I'm back with a commitment to it. And for this post I have decided to write about two movies I saw on DVD this weekend. Two movies that did not win any Oscars but that may be better than all of the movies that were nominated.

The first is a vampire movie called "Let the Right One In". It's a Swedish vampire movie so you know that it won't be your run of the mill flick. And it isn't. It's an eerie, strange, somehow romantic movie about about a 12 year old boy who runs into a 12 year old girl who is really a vampire. But this is no pre-teen predictable story. It is a story about loneliness, love and the idea that romance can be above everything, even the small detail of vampirism. The movie drags you in and doesn't let you go. There is an American remake on the works and it is sure to be inferior.

I also saw "Happy go Lucky", a British movie about an impossibly optimistic 30 year old woman. It is a feel good movie that doesn't throw the "feel good" down your throat.

Two wonderful, unknown movies in one weekend.

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