Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It works

The other day when I went into Borders, they had the classic self help book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" on display. I had heard about that book. Hell, the phrase has become a cliche in the English language. And since the price was right and I was kind of curious about it, I purchased it.

And I must admit I am pretty much amazed at the book. Especially its central premise that says that the main thing a human being wants is to feel important. If you make another person feel important, you have them eating out of your hand. So instead of talking to someone about yourself, you should talk about the other person and the things that interest him or her. The important thing is not to do it out of hipocrisy, but out of genuine interest.

I tried it the other day when I ran into someone I had not seen for a while, and, damn, it works. Somehow I wish I had read that book 20 years ago. Maybe I would have been more successful socially and business wise. But I guess it's never too late.

I just realized, Dale carnegie wrote another book about worry, one of my main character flaws. So I bought it. Maybe it will work.

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