Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local Hero in HD

The other day HD Net showed my favorite movie of all time, "Local Hero". Even though I have seen it quite a few times, it was magical to see it in high definition. Especially since the movie is set in Scotland and seeing that scenery so sharp and crisp added a whole new dimension it. But the reason I love it remains the same. The low key humor, the music. The fact that it is a movie that consists of so many wonderful scenes. There are no big scenes in the movie just small ones that add up to something special. Just like in real life.

Oh...and it features the most wonderful, magical, sweet, touching last scene of any movie I have seen in my life. It invariably brings a smile, goosebumps and a small tear of happiness. No other movie has done that to me.

Oh, and it makes me feel good about life.


lostfoundagain said...

I'm not into movies at all, but I love the way you describe the movies that you love. Your passion is so apparent, your words eloquent and honest. I can't help but want to watch it myself, just so I can understand more what it means to you.

Attila Oláh said...


Do you have any idea where could I find (=buy/order/download) Local Hero in HD? Thanks!