Thursday, January 22, 2009

current obsession-Man from UNCLE

As a child I rememebr my father watching a tv show called in Spanish "El Agente de CIPOL". I recall seeing it but not really understanding what was going on. I must have been four or five years old then. Years later I learned the real name of the show "The Man from UNCLE".

And a couple of weeks ago I began watching it thanks to Netflix. I have watched a few episodes and I love it. The thing is I have always loved the whole look and feel of the 1960's. The hipness. The attitude. Even the whole political incorrectness of the era. And nothing embodies this quite like this show.

There's the obvious Cold War mentality. But instead of the Soviets the bad guys was an international organization called THRUSH. The were all over the world, always ready to create mayhem through terror. Sound familiar?

Then there are the women. There is something so cool about the look of women in the 1960's. They were not model thin women, but women with curves. No fake boobs. They wanted to go-go dance. And they were so damn sexy.

And last, there's this totally incorrect barter between men and women at work. Today all of them would be thrown in jail for sexual harrasment.

And everyone smokes.

I can't wait to get more episodes in the mailbox. Hell, I may even buy the set.

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lostfoundagain said...

heheh...your description of the show and of the 60's is funny.