Monday, December 29, 2008


A person in another blog did this year end exercise and I thought it would be a good idea to do it too.

First, I realized that I really needed a change in terms of job. In the end the only thing keeping me there was the camaraderie there and the fact that it was close to my house. Working somewhere just because of short commute is not quite right.

I also learned that I could travel alone again. I had a great time during my time in France and in New England. The fact that I took a guided tour always kept me busy and entertained. I simply enjoyed the scenery, met some interesting people and took some nice photos. Not once did I feel uncomfortable about traveling alone. That is quite an achievement for me.

Which takes me to the fact that I realized I am a pretty good photographer. My friend Erika gave me some insights into composition that I needed to learn and off I went into the world.

I learned that I will probably be a good retiree. My months away from work were really interesting. I was able to write, travel, read,take photos, watch old movies. I established a routine that kept me busy, interested and content.

I got over my self pity about the injury. My knee eventually got better. Sometimes I feel a slight discomfort, but I do a short exercise and it feels better. Time heals all wounds. And I learned to be patient with things that life throws at you.

I did a small thing that maybe is not so small at all. I learned to face my fears little by little. Fear of loneliness by meeting people. Fear of traveling alone by doing it in a grand scale. Seems it works when you do it like that.

I went back to my blog. I had stopped writing because I was tired of doing so much ad writing at work. I found the time and the energy to do it. I realized there's pleasure in writing. And that this blog is a little work of art I am creating (maybe).

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I will think of other things.


lostfoundagain said...

Not only did you realize that you needed a change of job, but you actually did something about it. That is extremely courageous of you. I have many friends who don't like their jobs and know that they really need to do something about it but are too afraid to actually do it. You did it- and that's what makes it such a huge accomplishment.

I kind of liked traveling alone too. I think I'd like it better than traveling with someone else. There's more freedom that way.

You are a very good photographer. Your photos are interesting in their unconventionality. Your photos are creative and each one tells a story.

Self pity sucks. But it's usually necessary to wallow in it for a bit before moving on. I'm glad you're healed and feeling better now.

Facing your fears is huge. I wish you continued success on that!

I'm glad you're back to blogging. I enjoy reading your blog :)

justmeguy said...

thank you for your words and for giving me the idea to do this exercise. And I enjoy reading your blog a lot!!!!