Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Godfather and what it says


Decided to watch these two movies after so many years. They are still as awesome as ever. Many people consider the sequel to be superior, but not me. I love the original. Howard Hawks once said that a great movie contains two good scenes and no bad ones. Well, The Godfather Part one has 10 great scenes and not a single bad one. The acting, the dialogue, every single frame of this movie is simply perfect.

And what to me is more amazing is that back in 1972, The Godfather was a mainstream movie, a film for the masses. An intelligent, brilliant film that became the top grossing film ever up to that time. Think about it, an artsy gangster film was the #1 grossing movie ever. These days the top grossing movies ever are Avatar, Titanic and Transformers. Do we need further proof of the dumbing down of the world?

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