Monday, January 09, 2012

a few movies I've seen recently

Winter in Wartime.
Interesting Dutch movie set in 1945 Occupied Holland. A teenage boy finds an Allied soldier in the woods near his home and helps him. He does not realize what a a decision like that one will mean to him and his family. Entertaining, suspenseful. Not a masterpiece, but a solid little movie.

What Remains; The Life and Work of Sally Mann
Documentary about woman photographer who gained notoriety for her nude portraits of her children and then turn her art to photographing decaying cadavers. An unusual documentary in the sense that you are watching a great artist and at the same time realizing you don't like her as a person, even finding her a bit scary. Not a great documentary either, it drags a bit in spite of its short running time.

There's a Girl in my Soup
Dated, but strangely fascinating 1960's about playboy (Peter Sellers) meeting kooky woman (Goldie Hawn). It is sexist, un-PC, not very funny, but it says a lot about its time. Would make a really cool double feature with "What's New, Pussycat?" for offensive, sexist humor.

Preacher's Wife
The classic version. An angel (Cary Grant) enters the life of a preacher obsessed with building a cathedral (David Niven) and his wife (Loretta Young). This Christmas movie has a "It's a Wonderful Life" flavor to it, but is in a way, less heavy-handed. The three stars are at their peak and Grant is at his charming best, which is a sight to see.

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