Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Deadly Affair

One of the great things about TCM is discovering forgotten gems. And I happened to catch one the other night. It is called :The Deadly Affair". It is based on a novel by famous spy thriller writer John Le Carre. It features his famous character George Smiley, but since Paramount owned the rights to that name, his name was changed. James Mason, a truly great actor plays an aging spy, married to a woman who doesn't love him. His job now is to investigate public servants for security concerns. One day he interviews someone who later commits suicide. Mason becomes convinced that it is a case of murder, not suicide.

The movie works very well. It keeps you guessing and it has some wonderful character actors such as Roy Kinnear and many others. It is not available on DVD so if you want to see it you may have to wait for TCM to show it again.

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