Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Way for Tomorrow

I saw one of the saddest movies ever last night. It's a forgotten classic from 1937 called "Make Way for Tomorrow." It's about a husband and wife who lose their house to the bank when they are in their 70's. Their children cannot take them both into their homes and they must separate. It sounds like melodrama but it isn't. It's a thoughtful, wonderful movie. And for a movie made 70 years ago, it feels so modern.

I especially enjoyed the last 30 minutes when the couple decide to spend a last day together. I don;t want to spoil it, but I can say that there are so many touching moments in that half hour. And the ending, the ending of this movie must rival "City Lights" and "The Third Man" as one of the most heartbreaking in movie history. The DVD from Criterion has some great extras , especially an interview with Peter Bogdanovich.

A true gem.

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