Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A few weeks ago a married woman I work with got too drunk at a Christmas party bus and decided to start pole dancing like a stripper. Several people took photos of the whole event. This same woman also decided to sit on men's laps during group photos. Next day at work there was widespread panic that someone would put those photos on Facebook. I had actually taken video of her stripper-like antics ( I love my Canon G10!) and she was really freaked out. I, of course, told her that no one would see that video online.

So this gets me to the how technology has changed our lives. A few years back, nobody would carry cameras around. Now everyone does. And hell, everyone has a phone with a small camera. A couple of years back there was no Facebook. Nobody had a place to post these photos. Now everyone can.

I am all for technology. I love my digital camera and I love taking photos of random things with my IPhone. But I do realize how different things are these days. And I think twice before posting something that could wreck a marriage or someone's reputation. It's all about responsibility.

Tomorrow I have a bachelor party in which strippers will surely be invited. I was already warned: Please don't take photos. I won't. But I'm sure someone will.


lostfoundagain said...

It's such an exhibitionist/voyeuristic society these days and while I'm definitely a part of it with my Flickr photos and blog,I'm pretty careful about what goes on the internet connected to my actual name- ideally, nothing. I'm forever googling my name to make sure that none of my photos shows up in the results. The only thing that I worry about is my clients somehow finding my Flickr. As a social worker, it would pretty much be a disaster if they did.

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